Create a Team of Experts

Whether you’re looking for Networking, Cyber Security, or Data Science education for your team, our Business solution is your organization’s go-to resource for technical training.

Ready to take your company’s technical training to the next level? The INE for Business platform provides your team or entire organization with the tools they need to achieve long term growth and establish themselves as leaders within their field. Our expert instructors guide users through a blend of on-demand courses and real-world scenarios, building a strong technical foundation while preparing for future challenges. Keep your company on the leading edge of technology with an INE for Business subscription.

INE’s on-demand training addresses the needs of businesses by providing up-to-date technical courses with hands-on tools, increasing productivity and engagement.

INE’s Business solution allows our staff to train without leaving our facility, which saves the company both time and money. Providing INE training demonstrates to our employees that we value them and are willing to take risks with them. In turn, they feel appreciated and it also builds loyalty to our organization. In short, if you empower your people, you will get more out of them. INE training is worth the investment and I believe I’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth.” John W - L3 Harris

Expert Training at your Own Pace

Streamline your training with unlimited access to high-quality guided content available anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Analytics

Track individual and team progress with INE’s multi-tiered Advanced Analytics Management System. This feature delivers measurable results in real-time and provides leadership an overview of how their teams are performing.

Practical Hands-On Learning

Team members are active participants in their training with workbooks, tasks, and programming exercises designed to highlight crucial skills, improve retention, and allow students to learn by doing.


INE’s assessments reinforce newly acquired skills as students progress through and complete each course.

Learning Paths

INE Learning Paths provide a roadmap to effective training and preparation for some of the most esteemed industry topics and certifications, including Cisco, Microsoft, AWS, and more.

Invest in your team. It’s the strongest decision a leader can make.

Lead your team to their full potential with expert IT Training that will transform their careers and elevate your organization.