Frequently Asked Questions

    How does this work?

    This is a remote programming course. It's a real class, but happening remotely. You'll have to attend to class every week. You'll have other classmates, with whom you'll create teams to work on projects together. You'll have a professor that will lecture during classes about the topics of each week. There are also mentors available all the time to help you.

    What are the requirements?

    Intro to Python Programming: You should know how to work with a computer (install things, debug errors, etc) and the very basics of programming. The Codacademy Python Track is a good estimate of what's required for this course.

    Advanced Python Programming:You should move fluently with Python already. All the basics from our Intro course are required. You should also have experience with Object Oriented Programming and familiarity with *nix environments.

    Web Development with Django:This course deals with advanced features of Django and Python, so you should know all the advanced features of Python: advanced OOP with inheritance and mixins, decorators, generators, etc. Our Advanced Python Programming course is a good reference.

    Are there any ID requirements or an age limit to participate?


    How can I contact a real human if I have any questions?

    You can write us to: Make sure you ask for Yoda.

    How to refer a friend and get 25% off?

    Coding with friends is so much better. If you refer a friend you can both get 25% off the tuition price. Just add your friend's email in the application form and we’ll reduce tuition for you and your friend by 25%! That’s almost $200 on a $799 course! 😱

    How does the application work?

    The regular application consist in basic personal information (where are you from, etc) and a small technical challenge. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. We'll get back to you after it. If you're applying for a scholarship see next question...

    How much time this course requires?

    You need at least 20 hours per week. That's because, aside from the weekly classes, you have 3 non-optional meetings to develop a project with your team and mentors.

    Are the classes recorded? Who can access them?

    ALL classes are recorded. They are exclusively shared with students in that class. We respect your privacy.

    How does the scholarship application work?

    After you complete the regular application (see question above) you'll be asked to answer a few questions + a few coding challenges. We'll let you know after the selection process if you're selected or not. Why are they different? As you can read in the Scholarship FAQs (below), we need to make sure that people receiving the scholarship are really committed to attend the classes and work.

    How does the scholarship work?

    Scholarships are intended for people that really need them. Also, we need to make sure that you're really committed and that you're willing to put all the hard work necessary to go through the course. It's not an easy course, and if you get a scholarship you have to prove that you'll work and try to help as much as possible

    Is it hard to get a Scholarship?

    Yes. During the last few month we're getting more and more people and the process is getting tougher. Don't feel bad though. We encourage you to keep applying if you're not selected in your first attempt, because you'll have more chances if you're applying for a second or third time.

    How does the refund policy work?

    We offer refunds if you didn't enjoy our class or our process. These are the requirements to ask for a refund:

    • At least 2 weeks have passed. We need you to get to know the entire experience in order to judge it
    • You have attended to ALL the classes and meetings.

    How can I pay the tuition

    The preferred method is Credit Card. Although we also accept wire transfers and even Bitcoin.