Frequently Asked Questions

    How does this work?

    This is a remote programming course. It's a real class, but happening remotely. You'll have to attend to class every week. You'll have other classmates, with whom you'll create teams to work on projects together. You'll have a professor that will lecture during classes about the topics of each week. There are also mentors available all the time to help you.

    What are the requirements?

    You should know how to work with a computer (install things, use your internet browser, etc) and the very basics of programming: what is a variable, what's a simple IF statement, etc. The Codacademy Python Track is a good start for that.

    Are there any ID requirements or an age limit to participate?


    How can I contact a real human if I have any questions?

    You can write us to: Make sure you ask for Yoda.

    Why do you need my credit card?

    As you can imagine, there are many folks just "fooling around". We need to make sure that our students are committed and serious about the course.

    How much time this course requires?

    At least 10 hours per week. You have two classes per week (2hs each) + some solo work + projects. Aside from the classes that have a fixed schedule, you can arrange the rest of the time in whatever way works better for you (weekends, nights, mornings, etc).

    Are the classes recorded? Who can access them?

    ALL classes are recorded. They are exclusively shared with students in that class. We respect your privacy.

    How does the free trial work?

    Sign up You can sign up to see a preview of our course contents for free. That preview does NOT include access to mentors or live classes.

    Free Trial You can try the full RMOTR experience for free (Mentors, classes, etc). For that you need to access your free trial by subscribing to our course. To subscribe we'll ask you for your credit card, but it won't be charged without your approval. Free trial ends approximately after one week of classes.

    How long is the trial period?

    The trial period includes 1 full week of classes. It depends when you decide to sign up. If classes start in February 5th, but you sign up in January 1st, you'll have around 40 days until the end of the free trial.

    How can I cancel my subscription?

    We'll send you an email 24 hours before we attempt to charge your card. If you want to cancel, you'll be offered the option of just answering that email and your cancelation will take effect immediately.