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This is a 4-week course, with one class per week (2hs per class). There are different class times that you can select depending on your timezone: Eastern, Pacific

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We have other paid Python courses, but they are more advanced. We know there are lots of folks trying to get started with Python Programming and we want to help out with your first steps.

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This course is intended for beginners and people that are just getting started with Programming. Python is a great language to start programming because it's easy to read, setup, and has a wide variety of applications: Web development, Data Science, System Scripting and automation, App development, etc.

If you think that this course might be too basic for you, please take a look at our Intro to Python or Advanced Python courses.

Python, Data Science, Web Development, Jupyter Notebooks, Django, Flask
  1. 1

    Introduction to Python

    Get familiar with the Python environment and comfortable running Python programs

  2. 2

    Control Flow and Data Types

    Learn about the most important Data Types and how to control the execution of your program.

  3. 3

    Collections and Testing

    Learn how to work with lists, dicts and other important Python collections. Learn how to read tests.

  4. 4

    Real Life Applications

    Apply what you've learned to Data Science and Web Development.

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    Students give us excellent scores for mentorship, curriculum and overall learning experience. Read all reviews in our Course Report profile.
    Course Report
    5 stars based on 100 reviews
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    “I really enjoyed live coding sessions and ability to get help from real mentors. Mentors are a unique part of this course because every other online course leaves you alone with your problem when you need a help with your code”
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    “Excellent hands-on experience in Python. Real projects covering the advanced concepts in Python. I particularly loved the group projects also as it depicts real-world scenario of team work
    Anne Chepkeitany
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    “Friendly and helpful mentors, coders from all around the world, challenging assignments.
    Awesome combination!
    Michal Nalevanko
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    “ guided my learning and connected me with a community of mentors and like-minded individuals. Had fun, learned a lot, met cool people.. what more can you ask for? I can't thank these guys enough.”
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    “For years, I tried to learn Python on my own and struggled to make any meaningful progress. However, with the accountability of the class along with coding partners, I made more progress in 4 weeks than I did in 4 years!
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    “The classes and group projects keep you on track and give you some great hands-on time. Teachers/mentors are constantly available and super supportive. So I'd say anyone interested in coding and considering RMOTR as a next step should go for it without hesitation.”