Python Track

Online Intensive

Introduction to Python Programming

4 weeks | +50 hours real coding | +12 github projects

Start on Monday, May 29th

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Real Teachers and mentors

Experienced teachers explain advanced Python topics and guide the course. You have a question? Don't spend 10 hours googling it. A mentor will help.

Completely online

Work from the comfort of your home. After work, before class, whenever it works better for you.

Real life, human communication happening.

Predefined weekly schedule

Tired of never finishing an online course? fixed schedule will help you to stay accountable with our scheduled classes and coding sessions.

Walk out of the course with your Github profile full of real life, professional projects.

This is an online course where you'll be learning in a remote classroom with a real teacher, real classmates and real assignments. This course is intended for beginners, but you need to know a few basic things (how to interact with a computer, how to declare variables, etc). Take a look at the FAQs for more.

It's a highly practical course. You'll be working on real life projects and pushing to your github account. At the end of the course you'll have more than 12 working projects in your github profile.

Important: You need at least 20 hours per week to attend this course. Check the FAQs and the Schedule for more information about requirements.


Understand all the important Python concepts by resolving real life practical projects in a 4-week online intensive course. Teachers and mentors will guide you all along the way.

  • The Python Environment
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • Control Flow: if, for, while
  • Collections
  • Functions
  • Modules and Packages

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Next start date: Monday, May 29th

Classes are on Mondays at 7PM (EST)

Important: There are three non-optional meetings with mentors and teammates to work on real projects. They will be happening: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-10PM and Saturdays 10AM-1PM. All times in EST.

This is a 4-week intensive and highly practical course. Check the table below for class dates and times. This course requires at least 20hr per week.

Starts/ends Prices  

April 24th - May 20th

Early Birds $349

Expires April 10th

Regular Price $399


May 29th - June 24th

Early Birds $349

Expires May 18th

Regular Price $399

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Students give us excellent scores for mentorship, curriculum and overall learning experience. Read all reviews in our Course Report profile.

Course Report

5 stars based on 60 reviews

This course helped me learn about the basics of python in a friendly, casual and incredibly helpful environment that was really fun and motivated me to learn.

Anneka guided my learning and connected me with a community of mentors and like-minded individuals. Had fun, learned a lot, met cool people.. what more can you ask for? I can't thank these guys enough.


Rmotr's scheduled, interactive class structure kept me involved and motivated throughout the entirety of the course. Their emphasis on quick individual assignments to support the readings were also super helpful.


There are a lot of online classes for learning Python, but none that I came across had live interactions with real teachers and classmates at a reasonable cost. Small class sizes and group projects encouraged interaction and necessitated engagement.


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Before May 18th:

$ 349

Regular price $399*

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What are you paying for:

  • 4 intensive weeks with real teachers and mentors
  • +50 hours of real life coding
  • +12 real projects in your Github account
  • Mentors available to answer all your questions at any time
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Refund Policy

We offer 100% refunds if you don't like our class. We haven't received a single refund request and more than 400 students have taken this course. This is our most proud form of advertising. Check more about the Refund Policy in the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

This is a remote programming course. It's a real class, but happening remotely. You ... (see more)

How can I contact a real human if I have any questions?

You can write us to: Make sure you ask for Yoda. (see more)

How does the application work?

The regular application consist in basic personal information (where are you from, etc) and a ... (see more)

How to refer a friend and get 25% off?

Coding with friends is so much better. If you refer a friend you can both ... (see more)
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