Data Science

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Started on 12th September, 2018

Finished on 29th November, 2018

Web Development with Django

Started on 12th September, 2018

Finished on 29th November, 2018


Coding challenges


Weekly projects


Weekly projects

US Census Analysis

Use your data wrangling and categorical analysis abilities to create a report using a big dataset

Data Wrangling Categorical analysis
OOP Hangman Game

Implement an OOP version of the Hangman game to learn fundamental object oriented design concepts

OOP Hangman
Gists Database

Connect with Github's Gist API and store gists in a local searchable database

Gist Database

Build a clone of the Instagram social network using Python

Instagram Social
Your first Flask App

Simple webapp to practice how to use the Python/Flask web framework

Flask Webapp
Football Dictionaries

Learn advanced collections and control flow structures by playing with a football players dataset

Collections Football
Hangman Game

Implement a Python versions of the famous Hangman game using functions, basic collections and control flow structures

Functions Hangman
HTTP Practice

Basic practice to learn HTTP concepts using the requests Python library

http requests
Marketing Analysis

Put in practice your Data cleaning abilities to uncover the results of this marketing survey

Data Cleaning Analysis
Predicting Diabetes With Machine Learning

Use your Machine learning skills to predict cases of Diabetes

Machine Learning Supervised Learning

Final project


Headlines is a web page for retrieving live articles from all over the web, about different topics and countries.

Headlines is a website that shows news headlines about countries and topics that a user select when signing up. The website site will use an external API to fetch data. To avoid waiting long time the response from the API, the data will be presviously loaded and avaible in the cache of the app, using asynchronous tasks(celery) and a redis as cache server. It also provides an open API.