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Real teacher, real classmates, real assignments, but remote.

How it works

At rmotr.com we believe that social interaction is key to learn new concepts. Having a real teacher who guides you through the process of learning is really important in order to retain, process and fully understand new concepts.

Real Classmates

having other fellow classmates which whom you'll have to work with makes it even a better experience. You'll have to collaborate, learn how to communicate and fulfill the assignments in the way the real world works.

Completely remote

From the comfort of your home or in the middle of a trip. You have access wherever you are. You just need 2hs a week to sit in the remote classroom with your teacher and your fellow classmates to attend to the class.

Small courses,
at your own pace

At rmotr.com we believe that education should be available for everybody. That's why we create small courses which take a small amount of time committed. Our courses last 6 to 8 weeks, with 2hs per week of class + assignments.


Students give us excellent scores for mentorship, curriculum and overall learning experience. Read all reviews in our Course Report profile.

Course Report

5 stars based on 40 reviews

This course helped me learn about the basics of python in a friendly, casual and incredibly helpful environment that was really fun and motivated me to learn.


rmotr.com guided my learning and connected me with a community of mentors and like-minded individuals. Had fun, learned a lot, met cool people.. what more can you ask for? I can't thank these guys enough.


Rmotr's scheduled, interactive class structure kept me involved and motivated throughout the entirety of the course. Their emphasis on quick individual assignments to support the readings were also super helpful.


There are a lot of online classes for learning Python, but none that I came across had live interactions with real teachers and classmates at a reasonable cost. Small class sizes and group projects encouraged interaction and necessitated engagement.


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Our Courses


Python Track

Introduction to Python programming

Know and practice all the important concepts of the Python language

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Python Track

Advanced Python programming

This course will teach you all the advanced Python topics in a highly practical way

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Python Track

Web Development with Django

Deep dive into advanced Django topics building real production-ready projects

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More courses coming soon...

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